Broken Records

     From where did the ignorance start and how can 
we will it to stop? The slanderous stereotypes, the
insidious chauvinistic implications…. To whom or what
do we females owe the pleasure of dealing with so
many stigmas?
     What might surprise some is that some of such
credit is due to the Bible. After all, it is the oldest
written word known to wo(man), which portrays most women
as side and assisting figures. Yet today, over two
thousand years since this sacred book was written,
contemporary society has not gained much ground beyond
the Bible’s portrayal of this “minority” and “disadvantaged”
people. While sitting in the pew during Communion practice
in second grade, I realized that I had never seen a woman
priest. I asked my CCD teacher if any churches had girl
priests and her response was incredibly blunt, “Of course
not. There were none in the Bible. It’s simply impossible.”
So, nine year old me decided that it was time to break some
barriers and become the first female priest. Even then I knew
that boys were getting special treatment, and it was not fair.
(Note: My plan has fallen through. There seems to be a
difference between a receiving a ministerial calling and
being a frustrated young feminist. So, I guess I will not be
going into the Holy business as more than an attendee.)
     Now, of course practically everyone claims that they are
all for the empowerment of women, but to be real, it is still
a “man’s world” is it not? And even in these claims, I can see
them dripping of falsehood. This morning I was riding the
Downtown B to Broadway/Lafayette Street. I was people-watching
per usual, but then started to glance up at the advertisements
that lined the top of the car. I saw this:
IMG_2444     At first I thought it was great, the MTA was helping
all of these aid-needing groups! But then, reading it
again I had a realization that boiled my blood. How dare
they? The claim to help only small businesses, specifically
some of which owned by women.
     I apologize MTA marketing team. How could I have
forgotten that men only own big and thriving companies? Of
course you are highlighting that you specifically help female
small-business owners, we are the weaker sex aren’t we? Thank
you for this early morning slap in the face!
     It is the subtlety of these messages that really have
the ability to get under my skin. I am sure that more than
half of the people that read this advertisement did not think
twice about what it was actually saying. The more we bring these
types of stigma into full focus and public view, the sooner we
will be on the correct path to empowering change. Until then, I
guess we have nothing left to do but “take it like a man.”

stay classy! xx