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The Classy Foodie Gift Guide

With Cyber Monday already here, we know December is somehow creeping upon us *already*. Now that Turkey Day has passed the world has started to shift to winter holiday mode, making you start to think about all of the gifts you still need to buy. I’ve already started my holiday shopping this year, making time during… Read More The Classy Foodie Gift Guide

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The Classy Beauty & Style Lover Gift Guide

If you’re beauty and style obsessed *~  like me ~* the holiday season marks the exciting start of new product launches and fun festive trends. There are so many deals going on in the next few weeks on brand new products from the industry, that you just won’t know where to shop first! Get your loved… Read More The Classy Beauty & Style Lover Gift Guide

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A Conversation With Colleen Atwood: Iconic Costume Designer

In light of the stress levels emanating through the nation these past few weeks, hopping through a “looking glass” and escaping for a few hours is starting to sound pretty enticing. Just two weeks ago, “Alice Through the Looking Glass ” launched on DVD and I’m bringing you all the details from the Disney launch party,… Read More A Conversation With Colleen Atwood: Iconic Costume Designer

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Puma x DSW Vikky Platform Launch

You know it’s going to be a good day when new shoes are involved! I have been a fan of Puma for years – especially when I went through my tomboy phase in middle school (actually, let’s define phase here because now I’m an athleisure and yogi clothing junkie… maybe I’m just a fan of… Read More Puma x DSW Vikky Platform Launch


Practically Perfect Pumpkin Pie

So has it been a stressful past few weeks? You bet. We’ve been through a lot with the entire election process and the results were kinda sorta really truly shocking. There’s been a lot going on in the country since last week and people are becoming unsure of how rocky our future will actually be. Regardless… Read More Practically Perfect Pumpkin Pie

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The Hustle

Hustle as in the verb; “to move hurridly (and confidently) in a specific direction (forward)”; “to proceed to work rapidly or energetically,” “to apply oneself with speed, be aggressive.” In light of this past week’s events, I’ve been inspired to create a new section on Class and the City that is dedicated to showing girls and… Read More The Hustle

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Cinnamon Sugar Squash Seeds

It’s been such a wild few weeks with fluctuating temperatures here in NYC! One minute I find myself walking around in short sleeves craving gelato (mmm, speaking of which there are some Italy travel posts on their way) and the next I’m wrapped up in all the sweaters and capes I can get my hands… Read More Cinnamon Sugar Squash Seeds


Red White and Blueberry Pound Cake

Hey guys! I originally baked this recipe for the 4th of July, but it’s the perfect Election Day recipe as well! Mix up some of your favorite red and blue fruits and get ready for some guilt-free snacking. This election has for sure been a wild run and I guess we will find out what’s… Read More Red White and Blueberry Pound Cake

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Giveaway: Pamper Yourself with Organic Vegan Skincare This Winter

If you haven’t already, check out my last post on how to revamp your beauty routine for the cold weather months! It’s important to make not of switching out certain products that are perfect for the summer, to those that focus more on hydrating dry and chapped skin. This giveaway is going to make that a bit easier for you guys!… Read More Giveaway: Pamper Yourself with Organic Vegan Skincare This Winter