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Amsterdam, Holland Day #2

Woohoo! Amsterdam day two! Thankful that we had gone to bed early, the next morning Ben and I were able to wake up a bit after the sunrise to a beautiful – and cold – day. The heat in the Airbnb was not working and although I had slept in layers of the warmest clothes… Read More Amsterdam, Holland Day #2

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Cinnamon Sugar Crackle Cookies

It seems to be a proven fact that whenever I get stressed I quickly gravitate to the kitchen. Making something cute and delicious out of just a few ingredients is a sort of catharsis for me and it gets me out of reality for a while. Not to mention, munching on the delicious yield is… Read More Cinnamon Sugar Crackle Cookies

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Cafe Koosje – A Restaurant Review

Café Koosje – Plantage Middenlaan 37, 1018 DB Amsterdam, Netherlands 4-17 Pounds Café Koosje is just a few stops on the tram from the town of Dieman, halfway into the main city of Amsterdam. Located in a quaint residential area full of coffee shops, places to brunch and niche boutiques and shops, Café Koosje has… Read More Cafe Koosje – A Restaurant Review

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Amsterdam, Holland Day #1

Something I’ve learned these past few months in Europe is that the cheapest way to travel is never going to be the easiest. At this point I have done just about every form of transportation – plane, bus, train, ferry – and when you include 2+ hours getting to a station or airport with the… Read More Amsterdam, Holland Day #1

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Root For Your Favorite NCAA Team With Jamberry!

The 2016 NCAA Championships are coming to a close! Last night UNC beat Syracuse and Villanova crushed Oklahoma. Out of my bracket, I’ve only got UNC still standing – but hey, they could be the winners of the whole tournament which would be awesome for me! 😉 The March Madness tournament flew by for me… Read More Root For Your Favorite NCAA Team With Jamberry!