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Coconut Carrot Soup

Ever since getting my workout schedule in order I’ve been more inclined to make healthier eating choices. Of course, whenever I am traveling I make sure to spoil myself and order the dishes that look incredible and are a part of the city’s culture, but otherwise I try my best to stay in and cook for… Read More Coconut Carrot Soup

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Paris, France Day #1

Traveling to Paris has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Great food, accents, museums and moustaches – the City of Light and Love always seemed like an incredible place to visit. I took French in school for 5 years, fell in love with the language, and knew that one… Read More Paris, France Day #1

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Clinique x GLAMOUR UK #LFW

There’s a special magic during Fashion Week that changes each host city’s energy. The heart of NYFW is undoubtedly Lincoln Center, which brings many of the big runway shows to one space. It is easy to walk around the infamous fountain at Lincoln Center and spot bloggers, models; celebrities and other show attendees all over the… Read More Clinique x GLAMOUR UK #LFW

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Oslo, Norway Day #2

            I come from a family where vacation is basically a synonym for going somewhere warm, beautiful and ideally full of beaches. If you asked me a list of places I was going to travel before I came abroad, Oslo would definitely not have been on it. I cannot ski or snowboard and can barely… Read More Oslo, Norway Day #2

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Oslo, Norway Day #1

It’s amazing how much you learn while traveling. Lessons on history, culture, convenience, life and yourself start to intertwine and create the magic that I find travelling to be. If you’re a well-seasoned traveler, you know how much meticulous planning each trip takes; booking transportation to get there, a place to stay, things you want… Read More Oslo, Norway Day #1