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Beauty & the Brunch

Historically speaking, brunch has gone through three phases— it began in Britain as a privilege for the wealthy, moved to the US as a way for Hollywood stars to eat glamorously after early morning plane rides in the 1930’s, and was known as the “varsity” meal for its association with hung-over college students. All of… Read More Beauty & the Brunch

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Now Inhale – Exhale

At what point does one come to realize that breathing is an art? Especially one that we don’t take the time out of our day to do correctly. Really, when was the last time you took a nice deep breath? Or even few moments for yourself to do something you love; meditation, yoga, exercise, crafting—… Read More Now Inhale – Exhale

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Before You Run Off For Some Fun In The Sun…

Especially now, with Hugh Jackman as an advocate, awareness in the consequences of dangerous sun exposure is definitely on the rise. Unfortunately, although many people know that unprotected sun exposure could have its consequences, what they fail to realize is just how frequently this happens. In the United States, 1 in 5 people will get… Read More Before You Run Off For Some Fun In The Sun…

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OK OK, I Admit To Hibernation

Now that it’s spring, the cold and finals induced exhaustion has melted with the snow, and it is time to get ready for a hot and steamy summer. Yes, that’s exactly right. Now, here’s the truth, I met Hugh Jackman this week. And if I didn’t believe the hotter months were here just yet, seeing… Read More OK OK, I Admit To Hibernation