Thoughts During Yogilates

I know, right. CCG says she went to some classy yet made-up sounding
exercise class and wants you to take the time out of your day to read
about it. But actually…… Read More Thoughts During Yogilates


This City is a Fairy-Tale

each glimmer shows a blessingfrom the city that stole my heartyou can’t see them from a windowseparation from the magic every droplet reveals secretsof the life in every lightof the revving of the tiresagainst the current of the noiseand the movement of the buildings’reflections in the waterin the glasses on the rooftopsin the bubbles in… Read More This City is a Fairy-Tale


Waiting for the Green Light

     I know I’m not the only one who has those awful dreams where you’re running from someone or something terrible and cannot shout for help. These dreams keep me awake for the rest of the night with a knot in my stomach tugging for me to understand the meaning of what my subconscious… Read More Waiting for the Green Light


When Life Gives You Coconuts…

     A few weeks ago I met up with some friends in Noho after work. Labeled with what one would perceive  as just a cute nickname, Noho perfectly represents the place that it stands for — the little area that is north of Houston Street. It’s a fabulous part of the city, just blocks from… Read More When Life Gives You Coconuts…


CCG On the Guest List

“This can’t be it,” I muttered to myself as I walked up to the door to check the number for the third time. Indeed, the white paint did feature the building number I was looking for, yet seeing it close up still didn’t convince me that I was in the right place. For such an… Read More CCG On the Guest List